Through the application of ethical practices, to earn the confidence of our stakeholders that the fruit juice products of our members conform to accepted standards and regulations

Overall Objectives

To act in the best interest of all Members and protect and promote their interests in ensuring a sustainable, environmentally sound, profitable and organized industry and business environment in South Africa for the manufacturing, exportation, importation, distribution, bottling, marketing and supplying of fruit juice products.

Technical and Operational Objectives

  • To work with government departments towards updating and simplifying the legislation applicable to the classification, manufacture, distribution and labelling of fruit and vegetable juice or juice derived products.
  • To ensure that healthy, fair and ethical competition takes place within the South African juice industry
  • To apply a code of ethics regarding the conduct of members of the SAFJA
  • To establish effective mechanisms for self-regulation of the juice industry
  • To encourage all participants in the industry to adhere to the principles set out in the Constitution and the statutes.
  • To co-operate with similar other organizations and entities in the overall interest and benefit of the members of SAFJA

Marketing and Branding Objectives

  • Protect the image and integrity of the industry and to act as its representative and voice.
  • Promote consumer confidence by ensuring the integrity of juice products.
  • Create free and fair competition between role-players in different sectors.
  • Lobby and engage government on a national, provincial and local level to further the general interests of the Association and its Members and if necessary, promote, support or oppose any proposal, legislative or other measures which may affect the interests of Members.
  • Create a “seal or trademark” that represents SAFJA commercially and which will enable the end user to accept with confidence that the content is appropriately described on the label and that the product adheres in full to all relevant domestic legislation.