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Welcome to Fruit Juice South Africa

The South African Fruit Juice Association, launched in March 2011, is a voluntary body representing the processing and packaging companies that produce fruit juice concentrates, pulps and purees and ready-to-drink fruit juices, nectars and drinks for local consumption and the export market.

Key Pillars of Commitment

  • SAFJA is the National Association representing and serving the interests of the South African fruit juice industry and therefore engages regularly with various Government departments such as the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Department of Health and the Department of Trade and Industries. In addition SAFJA provides linkages to similar bodies and stakeholders both domestically and abroad.
  • SAFJA will continually strive to improve the competitiveness of the industry in respect of both local and export markets, but at the same time supports a business environment which promotes fair trade, even playing fields, removal of trade barriers, free competition and a sustainable environment.
  • SAFJA is committed to achieving a regulatory environment which protects both the industry and consumers and is therefore integrally involved with the improvement of existing regulations; the upgrading of services and capacity to ensure compliance; and the implementation of a self-regulating program that will introduce checks and balances within the industry.
  • SAFJA supports the development and promotion of the fruit juice industry to increase the consumption of its products and growth of the industry both domestically and internationally.